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According to an article published by TribLive, FDA regulations are looming for companies that make e-cigarette concoctions. For small companies, that is a daunting task.

Alchemy Elixirs, as featured in the article, is one of many companies that have cashed in on vaping’s popularity but do not have standard
operating procedures (SOPs) in place for quality control. Thousands of companies across the US are in the same boat as the FDA considers regulation.

Without regulations in place, the e-cigarette/vaping industry has had free rein without having to worry about consumer safety. But with the potential for abuse by children and reported nicotine poisonings, the FDA has started to draw up regulations. After that, they will require SOPs to be in place. Putting SOPs into practice is expensive and time-consuming, effectively putting small businesses who don’t want to make the investments out of business.

However, there is hope for the underdogs! Our software was designed with these companies in mind and takes all the guesswork out of
creating standard operating procedures but also quality control checks. With our expertise, we work with companies who are looking to become GMP compliant.

With our expertise, we work with companies who are looking to become GMP compliant by providing electronic batch record software and SOPs that reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices.

To learn more, check out our software or schedule a demo today.

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