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Our very own President, Dr. Rick Soltero, had the opportunity to be part of Vape Mentors masterclass talking about the new regulations coming into effect for manufacturers of e-liquids. Be sure to check it out and check out their other online resources! InstantGMP™ Vape and our Standard Operating Procedures for E-Liquids will help your organization comply with the new deeming regulations. Our online demo will take you through an overview of the software and we can show you during a live demonstration how our software can integrate with your current workflow!

From the master class website:

“VapeMentors is on a mission to help 500 vape shops not just survive the FDA, but THRIVE and GROW in 2016. The Vape Shop Master Summit is the best event for vape shop owners that want to grow their sales, beat the government and reach success. There has never been an event like this in the vape industry. The vape industry changed forever on May 10th with the new FDA regulations. It will continue to  change for as long as there are vape shops. Those that don’t adapt and learn are doomed for failure.

How will you survive and thrive in 2016? Growing a business is the same regardless of your industry. Hiring a great team, spending wisely on marketing, managing expenses and growing sales. Forget about the vape industry for a second. How much time have you committed to learning how to be a BUSINESS OWNER? Many vape shop owners don’t have a retail background. They got into this business without a clue of how to get more sales, please their customers or advertise their shop.”
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