Dollar Dose, Top Edible Under $5, Credits InstantGMP, Inc.’s Greenfield Grant for Their Success

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Dollar Dose, Top Edible Under $5, Credits InstantGMP, Inc.’s Greenfield Grant for Their Success

InstantGMP, Inc., the innovators behind the affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software known as InstantGMP™, had an idea last year. The idea was to create the Greenfield Grant with the goal of helping a cannabis, hemp, or CBD company hit the ground running and ramp up their operations using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

In 2018, Dollar Dose won the inaugural Greenfield Grant for cannabis and the grant has completely transformed their business. Dollar Dose is known as the premier THC-infused lozenge within California’s tightly regulated cannabis market. Both founders, Daniel Thomas & Jason Freeman, strive towards increasing consumer access to their products, as well as spreading the word about the benefits of cannabis. With the InstantGMP™ TNT software, they’re well on their way to achieving their goals in the cannabis industry.

In early November 2019, yet another company will win the Greenfield Grant & enjoy the industry-leading prize that includes:

Daniel Thomas has this to say about Dollar Dose’s experience with InstantGMP™ software, “Nearing the completion of our first year on the InstantGMP™ software, we’ve captured the year’s activities in a concise digital format, allowing us to look back from a level of detail spanning from a bird’s eye view all the way down that of a microscope. As we ramp up production, expand our product portfolio, and build out our team, the InstantGMP™ system has allowed our quality management efforts to scale seamlessly with the rest of the operation.” 

Through their continued use of the InstantGMP™ software and their commitment to quality, Dollar Dose has recently named the first in Leafly’ s Top 6 Edibles Under $5

InstantGMP™ is different from Track & Trace solutions. Those solutions may comply with seed to sale regulations, but they lack features to do more than just that. InstantGMP™ software is popular for under-served and non-plant touching companies like extractors, infusers, producers and distributors because it instills and improves product consistency, quality and traceability.

Learn more about InstantGMP™ and the Greenfield Grant by visiting the website. The deadline to apply is November 6th, 2019.

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the brain-child of pharmaceutical veteran Dr. Richard Soltero and is the creator of the affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software, InstantGMP™. InstantGMP™ organizes, manages production processes, and benefits companies by improving batch quality across several regulated industries.