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Dietary supplement manufacturers benefit from GMP in various ways. Clear procedures for handling materials create a safe environment. Master Production Records provide a clear process for employees giving them peace of mind that they are doing their jobs correctly. Companies creating products using GMP save money by decreasing their risk of injuries, recalls, customer returns and FDA audits.

Consumer Benefits
As health-conscious dietary supplement consumers, you do not have the benefit of personally inspecting manufacturing facilities that create the products you put in your body. The FDA creates current Good Manufacturing Practices to give you piece of mind. For consumers, GMP means:

  • Knowing your dietary supplements are manufactured in a clean, safe environment with strict procedures.
  • Having confidence that you can purchase the same supplement over time and expect the same quality.
  • Trusting the identity and label. Current Good Manufacturing Practices demand an accurate ingredient listing on every supplement label.

Currently, there aren’t any standards for identifying whether or not a product was created in a GMP facility. Look for language on the label about FDA compliance or if they tout GMP on their label or website.

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