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Control And Improve The Quality Of Raw Materials Manufacturing With InstantGMP Software

An operator at a raw materials. Master Production Report (MPR) manufacturing facility that uses InstantGMP PRO software to improve the quality of its products.

As a provider of raw materials used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, your company needs to ensure that its products are of high quality to not negatively affect the outcome of your clients’ finished products. Quality can be improved with manufacturing management software.

Failure to do so, could be damaging to your company, your client and consumers if a finished product is deemed harmful due to the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. 

Although raw materials manufacturers are not bound by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that pharmaceutical manufacturers must comply with, it’s good business practice for your company to meet some of those manufacturing standards to maintain consistency, stability and quality with the materials it produces. 

To meet those same standards established by GMP compliance, your raw materials company needs a manufacturing software solution that integrates a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Management System (QMS) and Inventory Management System (IMS) in one single piece of software. 

In the following article, we’ll explain how all-in-one InstantGMP PRO software allows your company to capture manufacturing, inventory and quality data in an integrated fashion to control and improve processes so it can consistently provide high quality raw materials to clients. 

InstantGMP PRO Software Offers Great Control 

Your clients, especially those in the gene and cell therapy manufacturing industry, need to feel confident that the raw materials they purchase are of high quality. If substandard materials are incorporated into the manufacturing process, the quality of their finished products is compromised. 

Scrapping a batch of finished products due to quality issues is not only costly to these pharmaceutical manufacturers, it’s also damaging to the reputation of your company. 

To reduce the risk of producing inferior raw materials, the MES module of our InstantGMP PRO software allows your organization to take great control in its raw materials manufacturing process via its Electronic Batch Records (EBR) feature. 

Using this feature allows your company to employ some of the same standards used by GMP manufactures during their processes. 

With just a simple click, your operators can produce a specific record for each batch of raw materials that is manufactured in your facility. 

Once a record is created, your facility has greater control over the entire process. 

Utilizing the software’s EBR feature allows your facility to: 

  • Improve workflow management by clearly defining each step of the manufacturing process and assigning each task to the appropriate operator. 
  • Increase product safety by providing prompts that highlight any missing process steps. 
  • Support traceability via sign-offs after each step. 
  • Manage real-time documentation of the entire process, including room and equipment logs along with time-stamped signatures of all operators, reviewers and quality assurance experts. 

By providing step-by-step guidance, the EBR feature allows your facility to capture the manufacturing data that’s necessary for controlling and improving processes to consistently produce quality raw materials for your pharmaceutical manufacturer clients. 

InstantGMP PRO Software Supports Optimal Inventory Management

Another way for your company to adhere to good business practices is to engage in effective inventory management. 

If your company’s inventory is not properly maintained, it can have adverse effects on the accuracy of your facility’s inventory, its manufacturing processes, product quality and customer satisfaction. 

InstantGMP PRO’s Inventory Management System module supports all four of these important areas by permitting your operators to trace, monitor and record every part of the inventory process from initial orders to the production of raw materials. 

Its easy-to-use interface allows every member of your inventory and manufacturing teams immediate access to real-time inventory data for accurate traceability and production control. 

Additionally, its Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) feature allows your operators to collect and organize all materials planning and purchasing information to establish accurate inventory counts, help reduce inventory errors, and avert production interruptions.

In turn, a more accurate and consistent inventory leads to increased trust in the quality of your raw materials production. 

InstantGMP PRO Software Helps Ensure Product Quality 

Along with having greater control over manufacturing processes and applying proper inventory management practices, your facility needs 

InstantGMP PRO’s integrated Quality Management System (QMS) allows your quality assurance team to easily perform their activities and record and manage all documentation associated with data collection for batch tracking, product testing, vendor management, manufacturing incidents, audits,customer complaints and investigations. 

The Document Management System also includes a full set of standard operating procedures (SOP) that can be used to define your various internal processes as well as a log for recording all aspects of your training program. 

With this level of oversight, your facility benefits from increased confidence in the quality, consistency and stability of its finished products before they are available for purchase to your pharma customers. 

Capture And Coordinate Your Data To Comply With Good Business Practices 

Clearly, the benefits of our InstantGMP PRO software do not strictly apply to manufacturers who comply with GMP and FDA regulations. 

It’s also designed to benefit companies that manufacture the raw materials used by those GMP-compliant facilities that produce pharmaceutical or cell and gene therapy products. 

InstantGMP PRO provides the all-in-one integrated raw materials manufacturing software solution your organization needs to effectively and efficiently capture your batch manufacturing, inventory and quality data to ensure product quality and consistency. 

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