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The InstantGMP Master Production Record (MPR) platform is designed for easy configuration

  • The MPR platform efficiently builds product MRPs by using copy capabilities from a template, to create standard products and variations on those standards
  • Product MPRs are connectable, e.g., a completed bulk formulation can be an ingredient in a packaging MPR.
  • A product line changes over time; the InstantGMP MPR platform can accelerate the creation of new/revised product MPRs, selecting applicable elements from legacy formulas, instructions. etc. in other MPRs. This includes scalability for new/revised batch sizes.
  • New business sometimes requires test batches; InstantGMP has designed a Make to Order (MTO) EBR to create them, without the need to use MPR logic upfront; then uses easy conversion to MPR operation when the new product is approved.


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