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InstantGMP™ Welcomes New Client: Your Label Here

White Label contract manufacturing organization invests in InstantGMP PRO to advance its manufacturing processes and enhance their customer experience.

CARY, N.C. April 19, 2022-  InstantGMPTM, a worldwide leader in MES software solutions,  proudly welcomes Your Label Here as our newest client. An Ohio-based contract manufacturing organization (CMO), Your Label Here recognizes the value that InstantGMPTM PRO software brings to its manufacturing and fulfillment operations.

Serving the health, wellness and beauty spaces, Your Label Here specializes in white label contract manufacturing solutions, including a robust selection of dietary supplement, nutraceutical and CBD products, custom labeling, design and packaging, and ecommerce fulfillment.   

In order to meet the quick turnaround times for their on-demand manufacturing/fulfillment requirements and still remain compliant with all GMP regulations, Your Label Here resolved to invest in a new software system to make their processes more efficient and error-free. During their search, they discovered our InstantGMPTM PRO all-in-one manufacturing and quality system. Realizing that this one system could help them accomplish all of their goals, they scheduled a demonstration with our team.

“Once we decided to invest in a system to improve our processes and customer experience, we were shocked to discover that most of the currently available software was either a manufacturing system or a quality system,” said Matt Smith, Manager, Your Label Here. “Then we were concerned about the various costs and compatibility issues of purchasing separate software systems from different companies. Right when we were about to scrap the whole investment, we discovered InstantGMPTM PRO. This one piece of software checked all of the boxes on our wishlist.”   

With InstantGMPTM PRO, Your Label Here and similar CMOs can improve their manufacturing processes and their overall customer experience with an all-in-one system that ensures GMP compliance and offers their customers greater transparency and oversight during every phase of the manufacturing process. 

Our all-in-one software system enables Your Label Here to: 

  • Create Master Production Records (MPR), Batch Production Records (BPR) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 
  • Perform All Quality Assurance Activities to Ensure Compliance and Accuracy 
  • Access, Store and Secure Documents 
  • Maintain Inventory and Equipment 
  • Train and Educate Operators
  • Track Material and Labor Costs
  • Determine Estimated Costs, Total Costs and Final Pricing in Real-Time
  • Add Price Per Unit Pricing to the Inventory System for Future Use

At the same time, InstantGMPTM PRO improves Your Label Here’s customer experience by allowing authorized external users opportunities to: 

  • Confidentially access and review Master Production Records (MPR) and Batch Production Records (BPR) during the design phases 
  • Check the status of a BPR 
  • See real-time results when a batch is in production 
  • Receive notifications/emails when a deviation occurs during production 
  • Respond to alerts in Requests For Actions 
  • Leave comments which become permanent parts of the respective record 
  • Approve MPRs and BPRs with an electronic signature 

“We’re so happy that Your Label Here did not give up their search for a new software solution before discovering InstantGMPTM PRO,” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP.While many of the other systems that Your Label Here examined may have accommodated some of their business needs, none of those choices offer the multifunctionality of our all-in-one system. Now, Your Label Here has all the tools they need to achieve their immediate and long-term contract manufacturing goals.”

InstantGMPTM is excited to support Your Label Here by improving their internal and external process with our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system. And we are especially thrilled to play a part in their continued success! 

To learn more about the many ways InstantGMPTM PRO software can help your contract manufacturing organization, please contact us today for a live demonstration

About InstantGMP™, Inc.

Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Richard Soltero, InstantGMP, Inc., offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software. The company develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and standard operating procedures specific to industries that are required to follow FDA manufacturing regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”).  

As a manufacturing software company, InstantGMP™ pioneered accessible, easy-to-use electronic batch record software for products manufactured using GMPs. The Company’s updated software simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes that keep all quality documentation organized in electronic format while providing for quality checks and workflow processes to make compliance with FDA requirements easy.