Can A Learning Management System Increase Workplace Productivity?

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Can A Learning Management System Increase Workplace Productivity?

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To succeed today businesses must quickly onboard and train new employees, and simultaneously, keep current employees up-to-date with ever evolving procedures and protocols. As the world of work continues to evolve at record speed, the value of investing in employee training has never been clearer. Companies across industries have faced unprecedented challenges in recent months—financial uncertainties, new safety concerns, logistical and operational red tape—and those whose employees are agile, innovative, and forward-thinking are the ones that are coming out the other side. With such shifts coming nearly every day, however, employees need to be armed with the latest knowledge to help them not just stay productive and support the company’s bottom line, but to do so safely and compliantly. That’s where innovative workplace training comes in.

Learning Management System vs. Traditional Training Methods

Online training and development programs have catapulted to the forefront of many organizations’ agendas in the last year, as it becomes evident that more advanced training programs are vital to keeping employees up to date in a quickly changing world. Robust training programs are the cornerstone to employee success and good manufacturing practices. However, traditionally, training requires a significant amount of time and resources, making a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) vital.

Manufacturers that deploy a learning management system can reap significant benefits. In addition to supporting training objectives, an LMS also has the ability to track and document the complex processes involved with employee training—so supervisors can oversee where employees are on their training journeys. Because learning management software is self-sufficient and fully automated, it removes the burden from supervisors, freeing up manpower that can instead be directed toward other areas of operations. Most importantly, an LMS can also ensure organizations have proper documentation of employee training, particularly key when it comes to FDA and GMP compliance.

Once considered one of the most paperwork-laden and cumbersome employee processes, onboarding and training can now be significantly simplified through an LMS like that offered by InstantGMP™. With the InstantGMP™ Learning Management Software, supervisors pre-select assignments, curricula, documents, videos, and records that comprise training. The software then enables employees to undergo the training on-demand without any further supervisor involvement. This allows supervisors to instead invest their time and attention where it can be better utilized, enhancing productivity across the board.

Development of InstantGMP’s™ LMS

InstantGMP™ recently developed a fully integrated Learning Management System tailored to small-to-midsize manufacturing companies in the biotech, dietary supplements, CBD, hemp and pharmaceutical industries. Such sectors are among the fastest-growing yet highly regulated industries, heightening the need for properly trained and compliant workforces. The InstantGMP™ Learning Management System facilitates online training designed to help employers stay compliant with FDA and GMP guidelines, with customizable, user-friendly and convenient options. InstantGMP™ developed the tool with leading cloud-based training platform, and is offering it fully integrated with their all-in-one manufacturing and quality control software InstantGMP™ PRO.

Benefits of a Learning Management System

The benefits of a learning management system span beyond just productivity. The InstantGMP™ Learning Management System updates training logs and certifications in real-time so supervisors can stay attuned to the progress employees are making with their training. The record-keeping feature is also key to FDA and GMP compliance. Having a built-in documentation tool can be vital in saving not only time, but the costs and concerns that come with manual documentation. As employers strive to keep up with rapidly evolving industries, the automation of this previously administrative-heavy work is essential to helping manufacturers flourish through change.

Organizations that recognize the value of an LMS—particularly one that is designed with compliance in mind—will be better-positioned for the future on a number of fronts. Well-trained employees are more productive employees, as they are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and resources to conduct their jobs safely and efficiently. With a better handle on employee training and certifications, companies can avoid costly compliance mistakes. All of that adds up to better resource allocation, so employers can truly invest in the work that will make their organizations not only survive through the challenges to come but thrive.

If you’re interested in learning more about InstantGMP™ Learning Management Software you can schedule a live demo where our team of experts will demonstrate how your processes can be modeled in our software, as well as talk about the numerous benefits of InstantGMP™.