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The first and foremost benefit of paperless manufacturing is that it is good for the environment. It’s fitting that we discuss going paperless on Earth Day!

Saving trees aside, other benefits of paperless manufacturing include:

Security – Paperless documents can be backed up in a number of locations. Instead of being under lock and key, various security measures can be put in place. InstantGMP MES, for example, has security settings on each screen in addition to security audit logs.

Consistency – Companies required to comply with regulations and cGMP will find it easier to record processes in a paperless environment. The ability to prove that documents have not been altered is also paramount. Timestamps, inventory control and audit logs can all be automated with manufacturing execution software. InstantGMP MES simplifies the documentation and approval procedures to reduce
production times with pre-packaged standard operating procedures, material management, inventory control and Master Batch Records.

Cost Savings – Aside from the obvious savings of purchasing less paper, paperless manufacturing simplifies documentation and approval procedures, reducing production time. If your manufacturing execution software is web-based, remote access eliminates the need to be on-site when information is needed.

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