Another Way to Improve Manufacturing Execution System Workflows

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Another Way to Improve Manufacturing Execution System Workflows

Our previous blog explored the advantages of advanced system configuration tools. This blog will address manufacturing execution system workflows.

Another way to create better manufacturing execution system workflows is simply to design them with integration paths to other workflows and information.   “One thing leads to another” is production reality. Systems built to model that truth make crosschecks and sequenced activity easier…highlighting the “flow” in “workflow”.

When does human error usually kick in? That happens in proceeding from one operation to the next.  Or by the inevitable interruptions in the due course of work.  Minimizing the “gaps” in the recording process helps to eliminate these transitional mistakes. The InstantGMP integrated workflows are designed for this.

At InstantGMP, we use our experience to plan, then build these capabilities as the guidelines require. We see GMP production as a series of processes that are connectable…… to expedite activities.

To start with, beginning inventory information must be complete and accurate to be sent into our system. We built the process with a combination of entry and verification for all initial materials. Errors and omissions are clearly identified to ensure correct input.  And the automated cycle saves startup time.

Both incoming material receipts and ongoing inventory management are connected to the applicable specification. This provides a quick, constant check on performance against test criteria.

Approved inventory can then be added to an Electronic Batch Record through direct material entry, or depletion of staged quantities utilizing a picklist.

Deviation? The improvement process starts at quality review at the floor level in the EBR.  After that, it’s an easy-to-follow, attached workflow to complete.  Risk? Hopefully not large, but a CAPA process is launch-ready at Risk Assessment as needed.  And you can let your customer be notified, and even participate in the final batch review process if you wish.

Or……your blender goes down in the middle of a job. If you loaded the manual and troubleshooting guide in our Equipment Log, you can access it through our Electronic Batch Record view, and hopefully shorten your downtime. Of course, you can schedule periodic maintenance, cleaning, etc. in that same Log to minimize the chance of a problem.

The electronic signatures are visible both at the direct activity area, and also in an audit log for system-wide inquiry of events.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to link activities together. We’re always listening…. checking in on our users. The periodic customer upgrades they receive are often responses to the suggestions we hear in the field.  The same is true of training activities.

Integrated workflows are one more way that using our system over time could yield benefits you might not have expected.

Benefits of Extended Workflow Integration Summary:

  • Time saved in creating and reviewing documentation
  • Improved production outcomes
  • Reduction of errors
  • Optimized user experiences
  • Manufacturing management software