4 Incredible Medical Inventions

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4 Incredible Medical Inventions

Let’s take a look at 4 incredible medical inventions that will change the world of medicine!

The 4 Incredible Medical Inventions:

  1. XSTAT: This device can plug a gunshot wound in less than 20 seconds. It’s a large syringe made of tiny sponges that expand to stop the bleeding. It works by rapidly expanding when exposed to liquid.
  2. Vein Viewer: This device let’s you see veins in real-time underneath the skin. It works by projecting a near infrared light onto the skin, the tissues that surround the light reflect it and the proteins in blood absorb it. This allows the device to project images of veins!
  3. Vetigel: This gel can stop bleeding with seconds! Vetigel is made from algae and its particles come together to form a tightly packed mesh, creating a barrier that almost instantly stops bleeding.
  4. Cholesterol Removal Machine: This is a medical device that would remove dangerous cholesterol plaque, responsible for heart attacks and strokes, by attaching to the walls of the arteries. A drill then scrapes the plague from the artery wall.

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