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Requisition New Features Include

  • a new function that has been added to the requisition process. You can now email approved requisition directly to your vendors. This feature coincides with the new Terms and Conditions tab associated with a vendor. Here you can add, edit, and track terms and conditions which are included in the approved requisition email sent to your vendor.

System Settings

  •  The system can be configured so ONLY personnel with the Document Manger role can view hidden documents in the Document Management System.

METRC Integration

  • An integration with Colorado’s version of the track and trace software METRC.

Shipping Manifest New Features

  • A new function has been added to the Shipping Manifest. You can now email approved manifests directly to your clients. This feature coincides with the new Terms and Conditions tab associated with a client. Here you can add, edit, and track terms and conditions which is included in the approved manifest email sent to your client.
  • All attachments associated with a material’s specification are now concatenated emailing the manifest to the client.

Report New Features

  • A new Inventory History report gives users access to all actions applied to any receipt for a fully auditable history.

Quality of Life Improvements

Inventory Management

  • The Requisition print-out now includes Requestor, Approver/Remote Approver signatures.
  • The Requisition screen now shows a Subtotal Cost per line and a Total Cost for each requisition.
  • A “Needed By” field was added to the Pending Receipts screen.
  • A new Subtotal Cost was added to each Requisition material, as well as a Total value of the Requisition. The same column was added to the e-mail sent for remote approval.
  • An updated Inventory Value Report now can be used to pull financial information on inventory transactions.
  • The EXPORT to QB APP now only exports “Approved” Requisitions.
  • Catalog # and Vendor Part # columns were added to the Pending Receipt and the Inventory Management summary screens.
  • An Expiry Date column was added the Depleted Inventory screen.

Quality Management

  • A confirmation is now required before deleting a file in the Vault.
  • An automatic e-mail is sent to trainees participating in a Group after an assignment is made in their Training Group.

Document Management

  • Any role can now print Documents directly from the Document Management summary screen.
  • A new Review Date field was added to the Document Management screen.

Electronic Batch Records

  • MPRs can be set-up where the Result field in the BPR is optional.
  • The workflow for MPR/BPRs was modified; whenever a BPR is created from the MPR summary screen the system goes directly to the BPR.


  • The California’s METRC integration was updated based on new California’s requirements.

The Vault

  •  The Vault now has the capacity to store multiple versions of the same document and keeps a history of signatures and versions.


  • The training logs now have a tab called “Supervisors”. You can assign one or more supervisors to an employees training log. The listed individuals can signoff for completing of training. Supervisors will be notified through email when the training is complete.
  • An employees training history can be printed via a PDF.


  • An Automated Report was added that allows any number of recipients to receive a Current Inventory report by email on a selected day of the month.
  • A new report, “Inv on hand on a date”, allows users to search for the “Quantity of Hand” of all inventory items for a selected day.
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