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A Shipping Manifest documents what is being sent and to whom with traceability to the individual receipts of the materials used in finished goods

  • Shipping manifest includes shipper information, courier information, driver and vehicle information, destination information, materials to be shipped and their quantities. The InstantGMPTM Shipping Manifest pulls lot numbers from batch records, and courier information from logistics allowing for significant time and cost savings with an electronic system.
  • Manage couriers, vehicles and drivers for selection on a shipping manifest. Courier assignments can be easily tracked and reviewed in real-time ensuring immediate execution and timely delivery.
  • Provide a summary screen (log) of all shipping manifests where the manifests can be hidden, printed or copied. The summary screen allows you to track all processes and signatures as well as trace shipments backwards to inventory and forward to customers.
  • A PDF version of the shipping manifest includes all outbound information and a function to store completed shipping manifests. This preset template organizes shipment information, generating the Shipping Manifest that is sent with the actual shipment.
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