InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.012.001

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.012.001


New Functionalities

  • A new sub-module called “Material Requirement Planning” with the following functionalities was added:
    • Ensures materials are available to meet planned production needs. o Plans manufacturing activities and purchasing activities. o Determines when purchase orders should be placed.
    • Creates Purchase Requisitions for required materials.
  • For BPRs, the status “Added to Inventory” was changed to “Adding to Inventory” now that multiple materials can be added from the BPR into inventory, in addition a new status called “Closed” was added; once a BPR is moved to “Close”, then no more materials can be added to inventory from it.
  • Low Level Inventory report was substituted by a new report called “Alert Level” report to represent a more accurate status of the Inventory based on new configurable fields called “Alert Level” and “Reorder Level”.
  • Two new automated email report were added: “Materials Nearing Alert Level” and “Materials Nearing Reorder Level”, where an email is sent to selected users based on a user-specified lead time.
  • A new sub-menu called “Automatic Reports” was added where users can access the same “automatic” reports on-demand.
  • A new “Incident Log” was added to the “Quality Module”.
  • A new functionality was added to the DMS which allows to append the approved document to the header whenever the document is a PDF.
  • Several functionalities were added to the “Training Log”:
    • Users can train on Batch Production Records.
    • Optionally, the system will not allow personnel to work on Batches where training has not been finished.
    • An automatic email will be sent to the user when a new training is assigned.
    • Training remainder emails can be manually triggered from the system.
  • Optionally, only personnel assigned to Project can see/work on those Batches.


  • In order to facilitate the approval of Batches, a PDF report with the list of errors shown on the screen “HCmBprApproval” can be printed.
  • When editing Dynamic Fields, a new header was added containing Project Title, MPR #, MPR Version, Part #, Version # and Product Name.
  • A Product Name column was added to the “Depleted Inventory” screen.
  • In order to avoid some common mistakes, a “confirmation” screen now appears when trying to delete a step on the MPR Manufacturing Instruction summary screen.
  • The following columns were added to the Inventory Value Report: “Material Type” and “Part # Version.”
  • A new column with “Part # Version” was added to “Current Inventory”, “Low Inventory” and “Production Lot Traceability” reports.
  • A new search field was added for “PO #” on Pending Receipt Screen.
  • The main left menu was reorganized with new submenus to better represent the expected workflow of our users.
  • We’ve removed Rec # column from the Purchase Order PDF.
  • In order to simplify the management of users and roles, we’ve removed the management of Roles from Projects and added then to the TPersonnel. Two new columns were added to the “HWWPersonnel” screen that show the default role and total amount of Roles a user has assigned.
  • When “Strength” or “Suffix” is added to a material in a Project, the system will create a NEW material with it corresponding Specification that has to be approved prior to creation of a Product based on that material. In addition, moving forward the naming of the Product will be based on the following concatenation of fields, “Material Name” + “Strength” + Suffix + Primary Container.
  • Multiple imports of the same Material can be done on one “Import Receipts” spreadsheet.
  • None-Unique Production numbers can be configured as a global function for individual customers.
  • A new global configuration can be set on customers that need to use a material regardless of its version #.
  • The Formulation Id was added as a barcoded item on Batch label.
  • Timestamped reports are now available for the following Logs on the Quality Module: Deviations, Complaints, CAPAs, Change Control and Audit Records
  • A trainee cannot sign as a supervisor on Training logs.
  • A new field was added to the requisitions called “Comment” which is shown on each Requisition printout, The following fields were added to the Requisition email approval: Comment, Vendor Part #, Vendor Catalog # information, Vendor PO #, Requested by and Needed by.


  • Under certain circumstances the Remaining of the Inventory showed the incorrect unit.
  • Under particular circumstances an MPR could be left on a permanent “Locked” state.