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Manufacturing, Inventory, & Quality Software Solutions


Manufacturing, Inventory & Quality Software Solutions



Unlock business success with InstantGMP™️, the ultimate all-in-one software solution for compliance and manufacturing management. Seamlessly integrate your processes, eliminate system hassles, and achieve remarkable results. Maximize uptime, enhance batch quality, meet FDA  compliance needs—and more—all with an all-in-one manufacturing, inventory and quality management software solution.


Decades of Expertise and Innovative Modular Solutions

InstantGMP has supported FDA-regulated companies for 20 years with our modular approach to GMP software. We have provided software and support to regulated industries that need a comprehensive solution or module.  Each one ensures end-to-end quality, consistency, and GMP  compliance. We’ll help you pick the right solution set for your business needs today and tomorrow.




Manufacturing & Quality

Organize, manage, and document batches electronically while reinforcing good manufacturing practices.




Manufacturing Execution System

This manufacturing and inventory control software provides the structure and traceability needed for industries that supply to FDA-regulated companies.




Inventory Tracking

Inventory Management Solution that meets Part 11 and GMP requirements.




Quality Management

Complete quality system that comes with SOPs, templates, and guided workflows – ideal for virtual biotech.

Our ValueS

InstantGMP™ is more than just another software company.

  • Our software specializes in all aspects of batch manufacturing, quality, inventory and document management—thus fulfilling a company’s complete production needs.
  • Each PRO software license comes with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Workflows and with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) embedded in our Document Management System (DMS).
  • The PRO software package also includes a Learning Management System and a report writer for creating custom reports and analyses.

  • As an all-in-one software solution, InstantGMP™ PRO provides cross-functional visibility, automates record-keeping, streamlines production activities & keeps manufacturing on track without interruption.
  • Most importantly, our team personalizes your experience with dedicated account, training & support managers.

Our Testimonials

See what out satisfied clients have to say about us!


As a contract manufacturing organization, we need to ensure that our customers can easily review their products during every phase of the formulation and production processes. Unfortunately, granting this level of oversight can leave our proprietary information that may be contained in the MPRs and BPRs,” said Gabriela Castellano, Production Manager of Pharma Pack. “Fortunately, with the new secure file encryption feature included in InstantGMP PRO’s external user applications, we can provide our clients with enhanced oversight at any time from any place, while preventing our critical information from being compromised.

Gabriela Castellano
Production Manager of Pharma Pack

To say that we’re impressed by each new release of InstantGMP™ PRO software is an understatement. With the new predecessor rule feature, we’re not only able to define the steps required to manufacture a batch, but we can stop an operator from skipping a step of the production process,” said John Cantafio, owner of FJC Tea and Spice. “The system continues to provide us with greater control over our manufacturing, reduce the risk of operator error, and ensure that our processes adhere to GMP standards.

John Cantafio
Owner of FJC Tea and Spice

At PRG, we pride ourselves on supporting the next wave of innovators and industry leaders with the resources they need to turn their ideas into products that benefit the world,” said John P. Raech, Co-founder and President of Pharma Resource Group. “Utilizing innovative software that captures manufacturing, inventory, and quality data to improve processes, as well as offers great peace of mind through its data encryption features helps us achieve our goals.

John P. Raech
Co-founder and President of Pharma Resource Group

When we learned that InstantGMP™ PRO software includes an external user feature that would allow our customers to securely access master production records and batch productions records online, we knew we found the answer to our oversight issues,” said Dave Derian, President of BotanaWay. “With this innovative feature, we’ve simplified our MPR process, improved client communications, and greater oversight during the entire manufacturing process. Additionally, this software feature gives us a competitive advantage over other CMOs who still rely on the traditional process.

Dave Derian
President of BotanaWay

Medical Kiwi is committed to providing our local and European customers with the highest quality medicinal cannabis products available,” said Jason Whitelaw, Global Procurements and Relationships Manager of Medical Kiwi. “With InstantGMP PRO software, we not only benefit from more efficient and effective manufacturing processes, but we can also ensure full compliance with both the Medical Cannabis Scheme and the EU GDPR.

Jason Whitelaw
Global Procurements and Relationships Manager of Medical Kiwi

After InstantGMP’s sales team presented a demonstration of their PRO software, the general consensus was that we found exactly what we need,” said Nadish Nair, CEO of Biocell Corporation. “InstantGMP PRO’s all-in-one manufacturing and quality system capabilities are aligned with our “One Health” approach to developing, testing and manufacturing quality products.

Nadish Nair
CEO of Biocell Corporation

So InstantGMP PRO software helps us ensure that we have full traceability from start to finish of not only the components used in the manufacturing of our vaccines, but also in our manufacturing process,” Kalinauskas continued. “By having digital confirmation that each step was completed and performed accurately, we’re able to assure that our products meet all standards and requirements.” “Currently, we’re in the process of building a new manufacturing facility. Knowing that the software has an integrated document management system assures us that the transition from one facility to another will be smooth,” added Kalinauskas.

Ashley Kalinauskas, CEO
Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Since we do everything in-house at Cartesian Therapeutics, we wanted to invest in GMP software that did everything in one system,” said Murat Kalayoglu, MD, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer of Cartesian Therapeutics. “When we began to research software, we discovered that most products only supported one aspect of GMP manufacturing. There were others that supported multiple needs, but they would still require us to purchase additional platforms to essentially fill in the gaps. When we found InstantGMP PRO, it met all of our needs.

Murat Kalayoglu
MD, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer of Cartesian Therapeutics

Having access to the innovative InstantGMP PRO software elevates our Biopharmaceutical Technology program to the next level. Now we can better prepare our students for the workforce of today and the opportunities of tomorrow by training them on the documentation used in pharmaceutical manufacturing” said Joel Houston, Instructor/Program Director Biopharmaceutical Technology, Wake Technical Community College. “This is a substantial addition to our program and a spectacular benefit for our students. We are humbled by InstantGMP’s generosity and inspired by their commitment to Wake Tech, our students and our community!

Joel Houston
Instructor/Program Director Biopharmaceutical Technology, Wake Technical Community College

It has always been our goal to reach the highest levels of compliance in the natural wellness industry. We recently completed a state of the art purpose built facility for bulk ingredient and finished product processing. In the process of this expansion we realized that our existing systems do not offer the scalability and transparency that our operations require. That’s when we began a review of the top ten cloud-based MES system” said Danielle Bernstein, Co-Owner and VP of Sales, LaurelCrest. “However, we were unaware that many of the currently available systems were unable to provide all of the solutions we needed. As we continued to research systems, we reviewed the list of the top ten MES systems and discovered InstantGMP PRO stood out as an affordable, scalable, and completely validated all-in-one system that provides an unprecedented amount of customer oversight. After speaking with the team at InstantGMP and learning about their extensive experience and support they would provide LaurelCrest throughout implementation, we knew we found our solution.

Danielle Bernstein
Co-Owner and VP of Sales, LaurelCrest

Once we decided to invest in a system to improve our processes and customer experience, we were shocked to discover that most of the currently available software was either a manufacturing system or a quality system,” said Matt Smith, Manager, Your Label Here. “Then we were concerned about the various costs and compatibility issues of purchasing separate software systems from different companies. Right when we were about to scrap the whole investment, we discovered InstantGMP™ PRO. This one piece of software checked all of the boxes on our wishlist.

Matt Smith
Manager, Your Label Here

From the start, Bardo Labs executes innovative formulations and manufacturing processes while maintaining compliance to all GMP regulations,” said Erik Carbone, Cofounder and CEO, Bardo Labs. “We also look for new ways to upgrade our operations to not only enhance internal processes, but also improve the overall customer experience. When we learned of InstantGMP™ PRO’s external user and internal costing features, we immediately recognized the extraordinary benefits it offered.

Erik Carbone
Cofounder and CEO, Bardo Labs

After seeing InstantGMP’s product in action, we realized we found the solution to our growing company’s needs,” said Florascience Founder Keith Cleversley. “Making the switch from a paper-based system to a cloud-based MES was a wise decision. That was in 2013. Now, almost 10 years later, Florascience continues to enjoy the benefits of its investment in InstantGMP’s MES

Keith Cleversley
Florascience Founder

Five years ago, we began our search for an FDA-compliant GMP software solution to improve our manufacturing processes and enable us to seamlessly operate under cGMP requirements. After a demonstration of InstantGMP’s electronic batch record and inventory management system, we knew we found our answer,” said Adam Payne, Chief Executive Officer, Ultra Botanica. “Since that time, we’ve been able to increase our productivity and improve our various processes while adhering to all GMP and FDA requirements. This would not have been possible without InstantGMP’s products. Their commitment to frequently providing their customers with upgraded software features allows us to continually make improvements that benefit our team and customers.

Adam Payne
Chief Executive Officer, Ultra Botanica

United Health Products is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and reducing health care costs across multiple healthcare sectors,” said Lou Schiliro, Chief Operating Officer, United Health Products. “We’re also dedicated to improving our own procedures and processes. That’s why we chose to invest in InstantGMP™ PRO software and Learning Management System. With these tools, not only can we improve efficiency and accuracy of our manufacturing processes, we can also save time and expenses when onboarding new employees and training our teams.

Lou Schiliro
Chief Operating Officer, United Health Products

I was thoroughly impressed with InstantGMP,” said Jay Kassir, President of Samson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “Not only was their demonstration of the PRO software quite remarkable, so was their industry experience. Samson Pharmaceuticals needed to invest in superior corrective and preventive actions to improve our manufacturing processes. With this new software system in place, I am confident that we can successfully achieve our goal of advancing our effectiveness, efficiency and quality. We look forward to continued success with InstantGMP™!

Jay Kassir
President of Samson Pharmaceuticals, Inc

We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with InstantGMP,” said Alex Lackey, Director of Compliance at Core Compliance. “By putting their trust in InstantGMP™ PRO software to help them adhere to more efficient and effective GMP processes and Core Compliance’s consulting services and expert guidance, manufacturers will now have a clear road map toward GMP compliance and certification.

Alex Lackey
Director of Compliance at Core Compliance

Daniel Thomas has this to say about Dollar Dose’s experience with InstantGMP™ software, “Nearing the completion of our first year on the InstantGMP™ software, we’ve captured the year’s activities in a concise digital format, allowing us to look back from a level of detail spanning from a bird’s eye view all the way down that of a microscope. As we ramp up production, expand our product portfolio, and build out our team, the InstantGMP™ system has allowed our quality management efforts to scale seamlessly with the rest of the operation.

Daniel Thomas
Dollar Dose

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